46 CFR § 298.31 - Mortgage.

§ 298.31 Mortgage.

(a) In general. Under normal circumstances, a Guarantee shall not be endorsed on any Obligation until we receive satisfactory evidence that we hold a Mortgage in one or more Vessels or a Mortgage or other security interest in the Shipyard Project. During construction of a new Vessel or any Shipyard Project, a security interest may be perfected by a filing under the Uniform Commercial Code.

(b) Ensuring validity of security interest. In order to ensure that our Mortgages or other security interests are valid and enforceable, we shall require that the Obligor obtain legal opinions, in form and substance satisfactory to us, from independent, outside legal counsel satisfactory to us, including foreign independent outside legal Counsel for Eligible Export Vessels, which opinions shall state, among other things, that the Mortgage or other security interest(s) are valid and enforceable:

(1) In the country in which the Vessel is documented (or, in the case of a security interest, in jurisdictions acceptable to us);

(2) In the United States; and

(3) For vessels operating on specified trade routes, in the country or countries involved in this service, unless we determine that those destinations are too numerous, in which case, we will instead require an opinion of foreign validity and enforceability in the Vessel's primary port of operation.

(c) Alternative forms of security. In the case where a Mortgage or security interest on the financed assets may not be available or enforceable, we will require alternative forms of security.

(d) Mortgage in our favor. The Security Agreement shall provide that upon delivery of a new Vessel or upon final completion of the Shipyard Project, or at the time Guarantees are issued with respect to an existing Vessel or the Shipyard Project, a Mortgage on the Vessel and a Mortgage or other security interest on the Shipyard Project will be executed in our favor, unless we determine that a Mortgage or a security interest is not available or enforceable in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section.

(e) Filing. You must file the Mortgage with the United States Coast Guard's National Vessel Documentation Center. You must file the Mortgage for an Eligible Export Vessel with the proper foreign authorities. For assets of a General Shipyard Facility, you must file a Mortgage and security interest with the proper authorities within the appropriate state for recording. After you have recorded the Mortgage, you must deliver to us the Mortgage and evidence of the filing of the security interest.

(f) Mortgage secured by multiple Vessels.

(1) When two or more Vessels are to be security for Guarantees, the Security Agreement may provide that one Mortgage relating to all the Vessels (Fleet Mortgage) shall be executed, perfected and delivered to us by the Obligor.

(2) If the Fleet Mortgage relates to undelivered Vessels, the Fleet Mortgage will be executed upon delivery of the first vessel. At the time of each subsequent Vessel delivery, the Obligor shall execute a supplement to the Fleet Mortgage which makes that Vessel subject to our Mortgage lien.

(3) The Fleet Mortgage shall provide that payment by the Obligor of the entire amount of Obligations covered or to be covered by Guarantees shall be required to discharge the Fleet Mortgage, regardless of the amount of the Secretary's Note or Notes issued and outstanding at the time of execution and delivery of the Fleet Mortgage or the number of Vessels covered by the Fleet Mortgage.

(4) The discharge date of the Fleet Mortgage shall be the maturity date of the Secretary's Note. We may require, as authorized by section 1104(c)(2) of the Act, such payments of principal prior to maturity (redemptions), regarding all related Obligations, as deemed necessary to maintain adequate security for the Guarantees.

(5) Each Fleet Mortgage shall provide that in the event of constructive total loss, requisition of title or sale of any Vessel covered by the Fleet Mortgage, indebtedness represented by the Obligations shall be paid, unless we otherwise determine that there remains adequate security for the Guarantees, and the Vessel shall be discharged from the Mortgage lien.

(g) Adequacy of collateral.

(1) Under normal circumstances, a First Preferred Mortgage on the Vessel(s) or Shipyard Project will be adequate security for the Guarantees.

(2) If, however, we determine that the Mortgage on the Vessel(s) or Shipyard Project is not sufficient to provide adequate security, as a condition to approving the Letter Commitment or processing the application, we may require additional collateral, such as a mortgage(s) on other vessel(s) or Shipyard Project or on other assets, special escrow funds, pledges of stock, charters, contracts, notes, letters of credit, accounts receivable assignments, and guarantees.