46 CFR § 46.01-20 - Penalties for violations.

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§ 46.01-20 Penalties for violations.

(a) Penalties for violations of the regulations in this part by passenger vessels of the United States engaged in foreign voyages shall be in accordance with those laws which require the inspection and certification of the vessel. In addition, for passenger vessels subject to 46 U.S.C. 5101-5116, which engage in voyages described in § 42.03-5, § 42.03-10, or § 45.01-1, the penalties for violations of the regulations in this part shall be those set forth in the load line act applicable to the vessel.

(b) For a further description of the actions which may be taken see § 42.07-50, of this subchapter. The procedures governing the assessment, collection, remission and mitigation of any monetary penalty imposed for a violation of a law or the regulations prescribed thereunder in this part, as well as the appeal procedures followed, are in subpart 2.50 of part 2 of subchapter A (Procedures Applicable to the Public) of this chapter.

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