46 CFR § 515.14 - Issuance, renewal, and use of license.

§ 515.14 Issuance, renewal, and use of license.

(a) Qualification necessary for issuance.

(1) The Commission will issue a license if it determines, as a result of its investigation, that the applicant possesses the necessary experience and character to render ocean transportation intermediary services; has filed the required bond, insurance or other surety; and has electronically submitted Form FMC-1 pursuant to § 520.3 if approved to offer NVOCC service.

(2) If, within 120 days of notification of conditional approval for licensing by the Commission, proof of financial responsibility and, in the case of an NVOCC, the Form FMC-1 is not received, the conditional approval of the application will be invalid. Applicants whose applications/approvals have become invalid may submit a new Form FMC-18, together with the required filing fee, at any time.

(b) To whom issued. The Commission will issue a license only in the name of the applicant, whether the applicant is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or limited liability company. A license issued to a sole proprietor doing business under a trade name shall be in the name of the sole proprietor, indicating the trade name under which the licensee will be conducting business. Only one license shall be issued to any applicant regardless of the number of names under which such applicant may be doing business, and except as otherwise provided in this part, such license is limited exclusively to use by the named licensee and shall not be transferred without prior Commission approval to another person.

(c) Duration of license. Licenses shall be issued for an initial period of not less than one year and not greater than four years as determined by the license number and published on the Commission website. Thereafter, licenses will be renewed for sequential three-year periods upon successful completion of the renewal process in paragraph (d) of this section.

(d) License renewal process.

(1) The licensee shall submit the renewal electronically to the Director of the Bureau of Certification and Licensing (BCL) no later than the renewal date as published on the Commission website. The renewal date (month/day) will remain the same for subsequent renewals irrespective of the date on which the license renewal is submitted or when the renewal is accepted by the Commission, unless another renewal date is assigned by the Commission.

(2) Where information identified in an OTI's license renewal process is changed from that set out in its current Form FMC-18 and requires Commission approval pursuant to § 515.20, the licensee must promptly submit a request for such approval on Form FMC-18 together with the required filing fee. The licensee may continue to operate as an ocean transportation intermediary during the pendency of the Commission's approval process.

(3) Though the foregoing license renewal process is not intended to result in a re-evaluation of a licensee's character, the Commission may review a licensee's character at any time, including at the time of renewal, based upon information received from the licensee or other sources.

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