46 CFR 520.5 - Standard tariff terminology.

§ 520.5 Standard tariff terminology.

(a)Approved codes. The Standard Terminology Appendix contains codes for rate bases, container sizes, service, etc., and units for weight, measure and distance. They are intended to provide a standard terminology baseline for tariffs to facilitate retriever efficiency. Tariff publishers may use additional codes, if they are clearly defined in their tariffs.

(b)Geographic names. Tariffs should employ locations (points) that are published in the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (“NIMA”) gazetteer or the Geographic Names Information System (“GNIS”) developed by the U.S. Geological Survey. Ports published or approved for publication in the World Port Index (Pub. No. 150) should also be used in tariffs. Tariff publishers may use geographic names that are currently in use and have not yet been included in these publications.