46 CFR 520.6 - Retrieval of information.

§ 520.6 Retrieval of information.

(a)General. Tariffs systems shall present retrievers with the ability to:

(1) Search for commonly understood tariff objects (e.g., commodities, origins, destinations, etc.) without restricting such search to a specific tariff;

(2) Search a tariff for a rate on the basis of origin, destination and commodity;

(3) Employ a tariff selection option; or

(4) Select an object group (e.g., rules, locations, groups, etc.) within a particular tariff.

(b)Search capability. Tariffs shall provide the capability to search for tariff matter by non-case sensitive text search. Text search matches for commodity descriptions should result in a commodity or commodity index list.

(c)Commodities and TRIs. Retriever selection of a specific commodity from a commodity index list shall display the commodity description and provide an option for searching for a rate (e.g., on the basis of origin/destination) or a TRI list, if multiple TRIs are in effect for the commodity.

(d)Object groups. Retriever selection of a specific object group shall result in a list of the objects within the group or present a text search mechanism to allow location of an object within the group. For example, selection of the rules object group would present a list of the rules or a text search mechanism for locating specific terms or phrases within the rules.

(e)Basic ocean freight. The minimum rate display for tariffs shall consist of the basic ocean freight rate and a list of all assessorial charges that apply for the retriever-entered shipment parameters. If other rules or charges may be applicable to a shipment under certain circumstances, the tariff shall so indicate.

(f)Displays. All displays of individual tariff matter shall include the publication date, effective date, amendment code (as contained in appendix A of this part) and object name or number. When applicable, a thru date or expiration date shall also be displayed. Use of “S” as an amendment code shall be accompanied by a Commission issued special use number.

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