46 CFR § 535.604 - Waiting period.

§ 535.604 Waiting period.

(a) The waiting period before an agreement becomes effective shall commence on the date that an agreement is filed with the Commission.

(b) Unless suspended by a request for additional information or extended by court order, the waiting period terminates and an agreement becomes effective on the later of the 45th day after the filing of the agreement with the Commission or on the 30th day after publication of notice of the filing in the Federal Register.

(c) The waiting period is suspended on the date when the Commission, either orally or in writing, requests additional information or documentary materials pursuant to section 6(d) of the Act (46 U.S.C. 40304(d)). A new 45-day waiting period begins on the date of receipt of all the additional material requested or of a statement of the reasons for noncompliance, and the agreement becomes effective in 45 days unless the waiting period is further extended by court order or the Commission grants expedited review.

[69 FR 64414, Nov. 4, 2004, as amended at 74 FR 50728, Oct. 1, 2009; 74 FR 65036, Dec. 9, 2009]