47 CFR § 0.261 - Authority delegated.

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§ 0.261 Authority delegated.

(a) Subject to the limitations set forth in paragraph (b) of this section, the Chief, International Bureau, is hereby delegated the authority to perform the functions and activities described in § 0.51, including without limitation the following:

(1) To recommend rulemakings, studies, and analyses (legal, engineering, social, and economic) of various petitions for policy or rule changes submitted by industry or the public, and to assist the Commission in conducting the same;

(2) To assume the principal representational role on behalf of the Commission in international conferences, meetings, and negotiations, and direct Commission preparation for such conferences, meetings, and negotiations with other bureaus and offices, as appropriate;

(3) To act upon applications for international telecommunications and services pursuant to relevant portions of part 63 of this chapter, and coordinate with the Wireline Competition Bureau as appropriate;

(4) To act upon applications for international and domestic satellite systems and earth stations pursuant to part 25 of this chapter;

(5) To act upon applications for cable landing licenses pursuant to § 1.767 of this chapter;

(6) To act upon requests for designation of Recognized Private Operating Agency (RPOA) status under part 63 of this chapter;

(7) To act upon applications relating to international broadcast station operations, or for permission to deliver programming to foreign stations, under part 73 of this chapter;

(8) To administer and enforce the policies and rules on international settlements under part 64 of this chapter;

(9) To administer portions of part 2 of this chapter dealing with international treaties and call sign provisions, and to make call sign assignments, individually and in blocks, to U.S. Government agencies and FCC operating bureaus;

(10) To act upon applications for closure of public coast stations in the maritime service under part 63 of this chapter and to coordinate its efforts with the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.

(11) To administer Commission participation in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Fellowship telecommunication training program for foreign officials offered through the U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute;

(12) In consultation with the affected Bureaus and Offices, to recommend revision of Commission rules and procedures as appropriate to conform to the outcomes of international conferences, agreements, or treaties;

(13) To notify the ITU of the United States' terrestrial and satellite assignments for inclusion in the Master International Frequency Register;

(14) To conduct studies and compile such data relating to international telecommunications as may be necessary for the Commission to develop and maintain an adequate regulatory program; and

(15) To interpret and enforce rules and regulations pertaining to matters under its jurisdiction and not within the jurisdiction of the Enforcement Bureau.

(16) To administer and make available on a public website, a standardized set of national security and law enforcement questions for the categories of information set forth in part 1, subpart CC, of this chapter.

(b) Notwithstanding the authority delegated in paragraph (a) of this section, the Chief, International Bureau, shall not have authority:

(1) To act on any application, petition, pleading, complaint, enforcement matter, or other request that:

(i) Presents new or novel arguments not previously considered by the Commission;

(ii) Presents facts or arguments which appear to justify a change in Commission policy; or

(iii) Cannot be resolved under outstanding precedents and guidelines after consultation with appropriate Bureaus or Offices.

(2) To issue notices of proposed rulemaking, notices of inquiry, or reports or orders arising from rulemaking or inquiry proceedings;

(3) To act upon any application for review of actions taken by the Chief, International Bureau, pursuant to delegated authority, except that the Chief of the International Bureau may dismiss any such application that does not contain any statement required under § 1.115(a) or (b) of this chapter, or does not comply with the filing requirements of § 1.115(d) or (f) of this chapter;

(4) To act upon any formal or informal radio application or section 214 application for common carrier services which is in hearing status;

(5) To designate for hearing any applications except:

(i) Mutually exclusive applications for radio facilities filed pursuant to parts 23, 25, or 73 of this chapter; and

(ii) Applications for facilities where the issues presented relate solely to whether the applicant has complied with outstanding precedents and guidelines; or

(6) To impose, reduce, or cancel forfeitures pursuant to section 203 or section 503(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, in amounts of more than $80,000 for common carrier providers and $20,000 for non-common carrier providers.

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