47 CFR § 0.61 - Functions of the Bureau.

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§ 0.61 Functions of the Bureau.

The Media Bureau develops, recommends and administers the policy and licensing programs for the regulation of media, including cable television, broadcast television and radio, and satellite services in the United States and its territories. The Bureau advises and recommends to the Commission, or acts for the Commission under delegated authority, in matters pertaining to multichannel video programming distribution, broadcast radio and television, direct broadcast satellite service policy, and associated matters. The Bureau will, among other things:

(a) Process applications for authorization, assignment, transfer and renewal of media services, including AM, FM, TV, the cable TV relay service, and related services.

(b) Conduct rulemaking proceedings concerning the legal, engineering, and economic aspects of media service.

(c) Conduct comprehensive studies and analyses concerning the legal, engineering, and economic aspects of electronic media services.

(d) [Reserved]

(e) Administer and enforce rules and policies regarding political programming and related matters.

(f) Administer and enforce rules and policies regarding:

(1) Radio and television broadcast industry services;

(2) Cable television systems, operators, and services, including those relating to rates, technical standards, customer service, ownership, competition to cable systems, broadcast station signal retransmission and carriage, program access, wiring equipment, channel leasing, and federal-state/local regulatory relationships. This includes: acting, after Commission assumption of jurisdiction to regulate cable television rates for basic service and associated equipment, on cable operator requests for approval of existing or increased rates; reviewing appeals of local franchising authorities' rate making decisions involving rates for the basic service tier and associated equipment, except when such appeals raise novel or unusual issues; evaluating basic rate regulation certification requests filed by cable system franchising authorities; periodically reviewing and, when appropriate, revising standard forms used in administering: the certification process for local franchising authorities wishing to regulate rates, and the substantive rate regulation standards prescribed by the Commission;

(3) Open video systems;

(4) Preemption of restrictions on devices designed for over-the-air reception of television broadcast signals, multichannel multipoint distribution service, and direct broadcast satellite services;

(5) The commercial availability of navigational devices;

(6) The accessibility of video programming to persons with disabilities;

(7) Program access and carriage;

(8) The Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act; and

(9) Post-licensing for satellite consumer broadcast services (DBS, DTH and DARS).

Note to paragraph (f):

The Media Bureau's enforcement authority does not include enforcement in those areas assigned to the Enforcement Bureau. See 47 CFR 0.111.

(g) Conduct rulemaking and policy proceedings regarding pole attachments.

(h) Process and act on all applications for authorization, petitions for special relief, petitions to deny, waiver requests, requests for certification, objections, complaints, and requests for declaratory rulings and stays regarding the areas listed.

(i) Assist the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau on issues involving informal consumer complaints and other general inquiries by consumers.

(j) Exercise authority to issue non-hearing related subpoenas for the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, schedules of charges, contracts, agreements, and any other records deemed relevant to the investigation of matters within the jurisdiction of the Media Bureau. Before issuing a subpoena, the Media Bureau shall obtain the approval of the Office of General Counsel.

(k) Carry out the functions of the Commission under the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, except as reserved to the Commission under § 0.283.

(l) To coordinate with the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau on all matters affecting public safety, homeland security, national security, emergency management, disaster management, and related issues.

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