47 CFR § 1.248 - Status conferences.

§ 1.248 Status conferences.

(a) The presiding officer may direct the parties or their attorneys to appear at a specified time and place for a status conference during the course of a hearing proceeding, or to submit suggestions in writing, for the purpose of considering, among other things, the matters set forth in paragraph (c) of this section. Any party may request a status conference at any time after release of the order designating a matter for hearing. During a status conference, the presiding officer may issue rulings regarding matters relevant to the conduct of the hearing proceeding including, inter alia, procedural matters, discovery, and the submission of briefs or evidentiary materials.

(b) The presiding officer shall schedule an initial status conference promptly after written appearances have been submitted under § 1.91 or § 1.221. At or promptly after the initial status conference, the presiding officer shall adopt a schedule to govern the hearing proceeding. If the Commission designated a matter for hearing on a written record under §§ 1.370 through 1.376, the scheduling order shall include a deadline for filing a motion to request an oral hearing in accordance with § 1.376. If the Commission did not designate the matter for hearing on a written record, the scheduling order shall include a deadline for filing a motion to conduct the hearing on a written record. Except as circumstances otherwise require, the presiding officer shall allow a reasonable period prior to commencement of the hearing for the orderly completion of all prehearing procedures, including discovery, and for the submission and disposition of all motions.

(c) In status conferences, the following matters, among others, may be considered:

(1) Clarifying, amplifying, or narrowing issues designated for hearing;

(2) Scheduling;

(3) Admission of facts and of the genuineness of documents (see § 1.246), and the possibility of stipulating with respect to facts;

(4) Discovery;

(5) Motions;

(6) Hearing procedure;

(7) Settlement (see § 1.93); and

(8) Such other matters that may aid in resolution of the issues designated for hearing.

(d) Status conferences may be conducted in person or by telephone conference call or similar technology, at the discretion of the presiding officer. An official transcript of all status conferences shall be made unless the presiding officer and the parties agree to forego a transcript, in which case any rulings by the presiding officer during the status conference shall be promptly memorialized in writing.

(e) The failure of any attorney or party, following reasonable notice, to appear at a scheduled status conference may be deemed a waiver by that party of its rights to participate in the hearing proceeding and shall not preclude the presiding officer from conferring with parties or counsel present.

[85 FR 63177, Oct. 6, 2020]