47 CFR § 1.255 - Order of procedure.

§ 1.255 Order of procedure.

(a) At hearings on a formal complaint or petition or in a proceeding for any instrument of authorization which the Commission is empowered to issue, the complainant, petitioner, or applicant, as the case may be, shall, unless the Commission otherwise orders, open and close. At hearings on protests, the protestant opens and closes the proceedings in case the issues are not specifically adopted by the Commission; otherwise the grantee does so. At hearings on orders to show cause, to cease and desist, to revoke or modify a station license under sections 312 and 316 of the Communications Act, or other like proceedings instituted by the Commission, the Commission shall open and close.

(b) At all hearings under Title II of the Communications Act, other than hearings on formal complaints, petitions, or applications, the respondent shall open and close unless otherwise specified by the Commission.

(c) In all other cases, the Commission or presiding officer shall designate the order of presentation. Intervenors shall follow the party in whose behalf intervention is made, and in all cases where the intervention is not in support of an original party, the Commission or presiding officer shall designate at what stage such intervenors shall be heard.

[28 FR 12425, Nov. 22, 1963, as amended at 33 FR 463, Jan. 12, 1968]