47 CFR § 1.313 - Protective orders.

§ 1.313 Protective orders.

The use of the procedures set forth in §§ 1.311 through 1.325 of this part is subject to control by the presiding officer, who may issue any order consistent with the provisions of those sections which is appropriate and just for the purpose of protecting parties and deponents or of providing for the proper conduct of the proceeding. Whenever doing so would be conducive to the efficient and expeditious conduct of the proceeding, the presiding officer may convene a conference to hear argument and issue a ruling on any disputes that may arise under these rules. The ruling, whether written or delivered on the record at a conference, may specify any measures, including the following to assure proper conduct of the proceeding or to protect any party or deponent from annoyance, expense, embarrassment or oppression:

(a) That depositions shall not be taken or that interrogatories shall not be answered.

(b) That certain matters shall not be inquired into.

(c) That the scope of the examination or interrogatories shall be limited to certain matters.

(d) That depositions may be taken only at some designated time or place, or before an officer, other than that stated in the notice.

(e) That depositions may be taken only by written interrogatories or only upon oral examination.

(f) That, after being sealed, the deposition shall be opened only by order of the presiding officer.

[33 FR 463, Jan. 12, 1968, as amended at 56 FR 794, Jan. 9, 1991]