47 CFR § 1.48 - Length of pleadings.

§ 1.48 Length of pleadings.

(a) Affidavits, statements, tables of contents and summaries of filings, and other materials which are submitted with and factually support a pleading are not counted in determining the length of the pleading. If other materials are submitted with a pleading, they will be counted in determining its length; and if the length of the pleadings, as so computed, is greater than permitted by the provisions of this chapter, the pleading will be returned without consideration.

(b) It is the policy of the Commission that requests for permission to file pleadings in excess of the length prescribed by the provisions of this chapter shall not be routinely granted. Where the filing period is 10 days or less, the request shall be made within 2 business days after the period begins to run. Where the period is more than 10 days, the request shall be filed at least 10 days before the filing date. (See § 1.4.) If a timely request is made, the pleading need not be filed earlier than 2 business days after the Commission acts upon the request.

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