47 CFR 1.763 - Construction, extension, acquisition or operation of lines.

§ 1.763 Construction, extension, acquisition or operation of lines.

(a) Applications under section 214 of the Communications Act for authority to construct a new line, extend any line, acquire or operate any line or extension thereof, or to engage in transmission over or by means of such additional or extended line, to furnish temporary or emergency service, or to supplement existing facilities shall be made in the form and manner, with the number of copies and accompanied by the fees specified in part 63 of this chapter.

(b) In cases under this section requiring a certificate, notice is given to and a copy of the application is filed with the

Secretary of Defense
, the Secretary of State (with respect to such applications involving service to foreign points), and the Governor of each State involved. Hearing is held if any of these persons desires to be heard or if the Commission determines that a hearing should be held. Copies of applications for certificates are filed with the regulatory agencies of the States involved.

[ 28 FR 12450, Nov. 22, 1963, as amended at 64 FR 39939, July 23, 1999]