47 CFR § 101.4 - Transition plan.

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§ 101.4 Transition plan.

(a) All systems subject to parts 21 and 94 of this chapter in effect as of July 31, 1996, which are licensed or which are proposed in an application on file, as of July 31, 1996, are subject to the requirements under part 21 or part 94 of this chapter as contained in the CFR edition revised as of October 1, 1995 and amended in the Federal Register through July 31, 1996, as applicable, indefinitely.

(b) For purposes of this section, a “system” shall include:

(1) The originally licensed system;

(2) Any modification to the original system involving a change in antenna azimuth, antenna beam width, channel loading, emission, station location, antenna height, authorized power, or authorized frequencies;

(3) Additional links constructed to complete an integrated communications network; or

(4) Operationally connecting new facilities and/or frequencies.

(c) All radio frequency devices authorized pursuant to part 2 of this chapter as being in compliance with applicable part 21 or part 94 of this chapter in effect as of July 31, 1996, requirements can be used indefinitely with systems licensed under this part 101.

[61 FR 26677, May 28, 1996, as amended at 65 FR 38326, June 20, 2000]

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