47 CFR § 15.17 - Susceptibility to interference.

§ 15.17 Susceptibility to interference.

(a) Parties responsible for equipment compliance are advised to consider the proximity and the high power of non-Government licensed radio stations, such as broadcast, amateur, land mobile, and non-geostationary mobile satellite feeder link earth stations, and of U.S. Government radio stations, which could include high-powered radar systems, when choosing operating frequencies during the design of their equipment so as to reduce the susceptibility for receiving harmful interference. Information on non-Government use of the spectrum can be obtained by consulting the Table of Frequency Allocations in § 2.106 of this chapter.

(b) Information on U.S. Government operations can be obtained by contacting: Director, Spectrum Plans and Policy, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Department of Commerce, Room 4096, Washington, DC 20230.

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