47 CFR § 2.939 - Revocation or withdrawal of equipment authorization.

§ 2.939 Revocation or withdrawal of equipment authorization.

(a) The Commission may revoke any equipment authorization:

(1) For false statements or representations made either in the application or in materials or response submitted in connection therewith or in records required to be kept by § 2.938.

(2) If upon subsequent inspection or operation it is determined that the equipment does not conform to the pertinent technical requirements or to the representations made in the original application.

(3) If it is determined that changes have been made in the equipment other than those authorized by the rules or otherwise expressly authorized by the Commission.

(4) Because of conditions coming to the attention of the Commission which would warrant it in refusing to grant an original application.

(b) Revocation of an equipment authorization shall be made in the same manner as revocation of radio station licenses.

(c) The Commission may withdraw any equipment authorization in the event of changes in its technical standards. The procedure to be followed will be set forth in the order promulgating such new technical standards (after appropriate rulemaking proceedings) and will provide a suitable amortization period for equipment in hands of users and in the manufacturing process.

[39 FR 5919, Feb. 15, 1974, as amended at 51 FR 39535, Oct. 29, 1986]