47 CFR § 20.2 - Other applicable rule parts.

§ 20.2 Other applicable rule parts.

Other FCC rule parts applicable to licensees in the commercial mobile radio services include the following:

(a) Part 1. This part includes rules of practice and procedure for license applications, adjudicatory proceedings, procedures for reconsideration and review of the Commission's actions; provisions concerning violation notices and forfeiture proceedings; competitive bidding procedures; and the environmental requirements that, together with the procedures specified in § 17.4(c) of this chapter, if applicable, must be complied with prior to the initiation of construction. Subpart F includes the rules for the Wireless Telecommunications Services and the procedures for filing electronically via the ULS.

(b) Part 2. This part contains the Table of Frequency Allocations and special requirements in international regulations, recommendations, agreements, and treaties. This part also contains standards and procedures concerning the marketing and importation of radio frequency devices, and for obtaining equipment authorization.

(c) Part 9. This part contains 911 and E911 requirements applicable to telecommunications carriers and commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) providers.

[78 FR 21559, Apr. 11, 2013, as amended at 84 FR 66779, Dec. 5, 2019]

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