47 CFR § 25.163 - Reinstatement.

§ 25.163 Reinstatement.

(a) A station authorization terminated in whole or in part under the provisions of § 25.161 may be reinstated if the Commission, in its discretion, determines that reinstatement would best serve the public interest, convenience and necessity. Petitions for reinstatement will be considered only if:

(1) The petition is filed within 30 days after the expiration date set forth in § 25.161(a) or § 25.161(b), whichever is applicable;

(2) The petition explains the failure to file a timely notification or renewal application; and

(3) The petition sets forth with specificity the procedures that have been established to ensure timely filings in the future.

(b) A special temporary authorization shall automatically terminate upon the expiration date specified therein, or upon failure of the grantee to comply with any special terms or conditions set forth in the authorization. Temporary operation may be extended beyond the termination date only upon application to the Commission.

[56 FR 24016, May 28, 1991, as amended at 81 FR 55334, Aug. 18, 2016]

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