47 CFR 27.1170 - Payment issues.

§ 27.1170 Payment issues.

Prior to initiating operations for a newly constructed site or modified existing site, an AWS entity is required to file a notice containing site-specific data with the clearinghouse. The notice regarding the new or modified site must provide a detailed description of the proposed site's spectral frequency use and geographic location, including but not limited to the applicant's name and address, the name of the transmitting base station, the geographic coordinates corresponding to that base station, the frequencies and polarizations to be added, changed or deleted, and the emission designator. If a prior coordination notice (PCN) under § 101.103(d) of this chapter is prepared, AWS entities can satisfy the site-data filing requirement by submitting a copy of their PCN to the clearinghouse. AWS entities that file either a notice or a PCN have a continuing duty to maintain the accuracy of the site-specific data on file with the clearinghouse. Utilizing the site-specific data, the clearinghouse will determine if any reimbursement obligation exists and notify the AWS entity in writing of its repayment obligation, if any. When the AWS entity receives a written copy of such obligation, it must pay directly to the relocator the amount owed within 30 calendar days.

[ 78 FR 8271, Jan. 5, 2013]
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