47 CFR § 73.3603 - Special waiver procedure relative to applications.

§ 73.3603 Special waiver procedure relative to applications.

(a) In the case of any broadcast applications designated for hearing, the parties may request the FCC to grant or deny an application upon the basis of the information contained in the applications and other papers specified in paragraph (b) of this section without the presentation of oral testimony. Any party desiring to follow this procedure should execute and file with the FCC a waiver in accordance with paragraph (e) of this section, and serve copies on all other parties, or a joint waiver may be filed by all the parties. Upon the receipt of waivers from all parties to a proceeding, the FCC will decide whether the case is an appropriate one for determination without the presentation of oral testimony. If it is determined by the FCC that, notwithstanding the waivers, the presentation of oral testimony is necessary, the parties will be so notified and the case will be retained on the hearing docket. If the FCC concludes that the case can appropriately be decided without the presentation of oral testimony, the record will be considered as closed as of the date the waivers of all the parties were first on file with the FCC.

(b) In all cases considered in accordance with this procedure, the FCC will decide the case on the basis of the information contained in the applications and in any other papers pertaining to the applicants or applications which are open to public inspection and which were on file with the FCC when the record was closed. The FCC may call upon any party to furnish any additional information which the FCC deems necessary to a proper decision. Such information shall be served upon all parties. The waiver previously executed by the parties shall be considered in effect unless within 10 days of the service of such information the waiver is withdrawn.

(c) Any decision by the FCC rendered pursuant to this section will be in the nature of a final decision, unless otherwise ordered by the FCC.

(d) By agreeing to the waiver procedure prescribed in this section, no party shall be deemed to waive the right to petition for reconsideration or rehearing, or to appeal to the courts from any adverse final decision of the FCC.

(e) The waiver provided for by this section shall be in the following form:

Name of applicant
Call letters
Docket No.

The undersigned hereby requests the FCC to consider its application and grant or deny it in accordance with the procedure prescribed in § 73.3603 of the FCC's rules and regulations. It is understood that all the terms and provisions of ____ are incorporated in this waiver.

[44 FR 38511, July 2, 1979]