47 CFR § 95.361 - Transmitter Certification.

§ 95.361 Transmitter Certification.

(a) Unless otherwise provided in the subpart governing that service or in other parts of this chapter, each transmitter that operates or is intended to operate in a service of the Personal Radio Service must be certified in accordance with the governing subpart and part 2 of this Chapter.

(b) A copy of the instruction manual specified in § 95.393 must be forwarded to the FCC with each request for certification of the relevant transmitter. If a final copy of that manual is not available when the certification application is submitted, the applicant may include with its application a draft or preliminary copy provided it forwards a final copy to the FCC when such a copy becomes available.

(c) Equipment certification will not be issued for transmitter types where any control, switch or other type of adjustment - which, when manipulated, can result in a violation of the rules - is accessible to the user.