48 CFR § 36.601-3 - Applicable contracting procedures.

36.601-3 Applicable contracting procedures.


(1) For facility design contracts, the statement of work shall require that the architect-engineer specify, in the construction design specifications, use of the maximum practicable amount of recovered materials consistent with the performance requirements, availability, price reasonableness, and cost-effectiveness. Where appropriate, the statement of work also shall require the architect-engineer to consider energy conservation, pollution prevention, and waste reduction to the maximum extent practicable in developing the construction design specifications.

(2) Facility design solicitations and contracts that include the specification of energy-consuming products must comply with the requirements at subpart 23.2.

(b) Sources for contracts for architect-engineer services shall be selected in accordance with the procedures in this subpart rather than the solicitation or source selection procedures prescribed in parts 13, 14, and 15 of this regulation.

(c) When the contract statement of work includes both architect-engineer services and other services, the contracting officer shall follow the procedures in this subpart if the statement of work, substantially or to a dominant extent, specifies performance or approval by a registered or licensed architect or engineer. If the statement of work does not specify such performance or approval, the contracting officer shall follow the procedures in parts 13, 14, or 15.

(d) Other than “incidental services” as specified in the definition of architect-engineer services in Section 2.101 and in Section 36.601-4(a)(3), services that do not require performance by a registered or licensed architect or engineer, notwithstanding the fact that architect-engineers also may perform those services, should be acquired pursuant to parts 13, 14, and 15.

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