48 CFR ยง 36.602-3 - Evaluation board functions.

36.602-3 Evaluation board functions.

Under the general direction of the head of the contracting activity, an evaluation board shall perform the following functions:

(a) Review the current data files on eligible firms and responses to a public notice concerning the particular project (see 36.603).

(b) Evaluate the firms in accordance with the criteria in 36.602-1.

(c) Hold discussions with at least three of the most highly qualified firms regarding concepts and the relative utility of alternative methods of furnishing the required services.

(d) Prepare a selection report for the agency head or other designated selection authority recommending, in order of preference, at least three firms that are considered to be the most highly qualified to perform the required services. The report shall include a description of the discussions and evaluation conducted by the board to allow the selection authority to review the considerations upon which the recommendations are based.

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