48 CFR ยง 47.305-1 - Solicitation requirements.

47.305-1 Solicitation requirements.

When the acquisition of supplies is on f.o.b. origin or f.o.b. destination delivery terms, the contracting officer shall include in solicitations a requirement that the offeror furnish the Government as much of the following data as is applicable to the particular acquisition:

(a) Modes of transportation and, if rail transportation is used, names of rail carriers serving the offeror's facility.

(b) The number of railroad cars, motor trucks, or other conveyances that can be loaded per day.

(c) Type of packaging; e.g., box, carton, crate, drum, bundle, skids, and when applicable, package number from the governing freight classification.

(d) Number of units packed in one container.

(e) Guaranteed maximum shipping weight; cubic measurement; and length, width, and height of each container.

(f) Minimum size of each shipment.

(g) Number of containers or units that can be loaded in a car, truck, or other conveyance of the size normally used (specify type and size) for the commodity.

(h) Description of material in terms of the governing freight classification or tariff (or Government rate tender) under which lowest freight rates are applicable.

(i) Benefits available to the Government under transit arrangements made by the offeror.

(j) Other requirements as stated under specific section headings.