48 CFR ยง 49.105-2 - Release of excess funds.

49.105-2 Release of excess funds.

(a) The TCO shall estimate the funds required to settle the termination, and within 30 days after the receipt of the termination notice, recommend the release of excess funds to the contracting officer. The initial deobligation of excess funds should be accomplished in a timely manner by the contracting officer, or the TCO, if delegated the responsibility. The TCO shall not recommend the release of amounts under $1,000, unless requested by the contracting officer.

(b) The TCO shall maintain continuous surveillance of required funds to permit timely release of any additional excess funds (a recommended format for release of excess funds is in 49.604). If previous releases of excess funds result in a shortage of the amount required for settlement, the TCO shall promptly inform the contracting officer, who shall reinstate the funds within 30 days.

[56 FR 67134, Dec. 27, 1991]

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