49 CFR § 1012.5 - Transcripts; minutes.

§ 1012.5 Transcripts; minutes.

(a) A verbatim transcript, sound recording or minutes will be made of all meetings closed to the public under these regulation, and will be retained by the Board for two years following the date upon which the meeting ended, or until one year after the conclusion of any proceeding with respect to which the meeting was held, whichever occurs later. In the case of meetings closed to the public under § 1012.7(d) (1) through (7) and (9) of this part, a transcript or recording rather than minutes will be made and retained.

(b) The Board will make available free of charge, upon request, in a public reading room or some other easily accessible place, the minutes, transcript or recording of all portions of any meeting which was closed to the public except those portions which it finds to be properly exempt from disclosure under the Act. A copy of such minutes, transcript or recording will be provided, upon request, upon payment of fees as provided in part 1002 of this chapter.

(c) In the case of all meetings closed to the public, the presiding officer shall cause to be made, and the Board shall retain, a statement setting forth:

(1) The date, time, and place of the meeting.

(2) The names and affiliations of those attending.

(3) The subject matter.

(4) The action taken.

(5) A copy of the certification issued by the General Counsel that, in his or her opinion, the meeting was one that might properly be closed to the public.