49 CFR § 1012.6 - Petitions seeking to open or close a meeting.

§ 1012.6 Petitions seeking to open or close a meeting.

(a) The Board will entertain petitions requesting either the opening of a meeting proposed to be closed to the public or the closing of a meeting proposed to be open to the public. In the case of a meeting of the Board, or a Division or committee of the Board, a petition shall be filed.

(b) A petition to open a meeting proposed to be closed, filed by any interested person, will be entertained.

(c) A petition to close a meeting proposed to be open will be entertained only in cases in which the subject at the meeting would:

(1) Involve accusing a person of a crime or formally censuring a person.

(2) Disclose information of a personal nature where disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

(3) Disclose trade secrets or commercial or financial information obtained on a privileged or confidential basis.

(4) Disclose investigatory records or information, compiled for law enforcement purposes, to the extent that the production of such records or information would (i) interfere with enforcement proceedings being conducted or under consideration by an agency other than the Board; (ii) deprive a person of a right to a fair trial or an impartial adjudication; (iii) constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy; (iv) disclose the identity of a confidential investigation agency or a national security intelligence agency; (v) disclose investigative techniques and procedures of an agency other than the Board; or (vi) endanger the life or physical safety of law enforcement personnel.

(5) Disclose information the premature disclosure of which could lead to significant financial speculation in securities.

(d) Every effort will be made to dispose of petitions to open or close a meeting in advance of the meeting date. However, if such a petition is received less than three working days prior to the date of the meeting, it may be disposed of as the first order of business at the meeting, in which case the decision will be communicated to the petitioner orally through the Board's Public Information Officer or other spokesperson.

[42 FR 13796, Mar. 11, 1977, as amended at 84 FR 12943, Apr. 3, 2019]