49 CFR § 107.803 - Approval of an independent inspection agency (IIA).

§ 107.803 Approval of an independent inspection agency (IIA).

(a) General. Prior to performing cylinder inspections and verifications required by parts 178 and 180 of this chapter, a person must apply to the Associate Administrator for an approval as an independent inspection agency. A person approved as an independent inspection agency is not an PHMSA agent or representative.

(b) Criteria. No applicant for approval as an independent inspection agency may be engaged in the manufacture of cylinders for use in the transportation of hazardous materials, or be directly or indirectly controlled by, or have a financial involvement with, any entity that manufactures cylinders for use in the transportation of hazardous materials, except for providing services as an independent inspector.

(c) Application information. Each applicant must submit an application in conformance with § 107.705 containing the information prescribed in § 107.705(a). In addition, the application must contain the following information:

(1) Name and address of each facility where tests and inspections are to be performed.

(2) Detailed description of the inspection and testing facilities to be used by the applicant.

(3) Detailed description of the applicant's qualifications and ability to perform the inspections and to verify the inspections required by parts 178 and 180 of this chapter; or those required under the terms of a special permit issued under this part.

(4) Name, address, and principal business activity of each person having any direct or indirect ownership interest in the applicant greater than three percent and any direct or indirect ownership interest in each subsidiary or division of the applicant.

(5) Name of each individual whom the applicant proposes to employ as an inspector and who will be responsible for certifying inspection and test results, and a statement of that person's qualifications.

(6) An identification or qualification number assigned to each inspector who is supervised by a certifying inspector identified in paragraph (c)(5) of this section.

(7) A statement that the applicant will perform its functions independent of the manufacturers and owners of the cylinders.

(8) If the applicant's principal place of business is in a country other than the United States, the Associate Administrator may approve the applicant on the basis of an approval issued by the Competent Authority of the country of manufacture. The Competent Authority must maintain a current listing of approved IIAs and their identification marks. The applicant must provide a copy of the designation from the Competent Authority of that country delegating to the applicant an approval or designated agency authority for the type of packaging for which a DOT or UN designation is sought; and

(9) The signature of the person certifying the approval application and the date on which it was signed.

(d) Facility inspection. Upon the request of the Associate Administrator, the applicant must allow the Associate Administrator or the Associate Administrator's designee to inspect the applicant's facilities and records. The person seeking approval must bear the cost of the inspection.

(e) After approval, the Associate Administrator may authorize, upon request, the independent inspection agency to perform other inspections and functions for which the Associate Administrator finds the applicant to be qualified. Such additional authorizations will be noted on each inspection agency's approval documents.

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