49 CFR § 1562.27 - Costs.

§ 1562.27 Costs.

(a) Each aircraft operator must pay a threat assessment fee of $15 for each passenger and crewmember whose information the aircraft operator submits to TSA in accordance with § 1562.23(d) of this part.

(b) Each aircraft operator must pay to TSA the costs associated with carrying out this subpart, as provided in its DASSP.

(c) All fees and reimbursement must be remitted to TSA in a form and manner approved by TSA.

(d) TSA will not issue any refunds, unless any fees or reimbursement funds were paid in error.

(e) If an aircraft operator does not remit to TSA the fees and reimbursement funds required under this section, TSA may decline to process any requests for authorization from the aircraft operator.

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