49 CFR § 172.312 - Liquid hazardous materials in non-bulk packagings.

§ 172.312 Liquid hazardous materials in non-bulk packagings.

(a) Except as provided in this section, each non-bulk combination package having inner packagings containing liquid hazardous materials, single packaging fitted with vents, or open cryogenic receptacle intended for the transport of refrigerated liquefied gases must be:

(1) Packed with closures upward, and

(2) Legibly marked with package orientation markings that are similar to the illustration shown in this paragraph, on two opposite vertical sides of the package with the arrows pointing in the correct upright direction. The arrows must be either black or red on white or other suitable contrasting background and commensurate with the size of the package. Depicting a rectangular border around the arrows is optional.

(b) Arrows for purposes other than indicating proper package orientation may not be displayed on a package containing a liquid hazardous material.

(c) The requirements of paragraph (a) of this section do not apply to -

(1) A non-bulk package with inner packagings which are cylinders.

(2) Except when offered or intended for transportation by aircraft, packages containing flammable liquids in inner packagings of 1 L or less prepared in accordance with § 173.150 (b) or (c) of this subchapter.

(3) When offered or intended for transportation by aircraft, packages containing liquid hazardous materials in inner packagings of 120 mL (4 fluid oz.) or less when packed with sufficient absorption material between the inner and outer packagings to completely absorb the liquid contents.

(4) Liquids contained in manufactured articles (e.g., alcohol or mercury in thermometers) which are leak-tight in all orientations.

(5) A non-bulk package with hermetically sealed inner packagings not exceeding 500 mL each.

(6) Packages containing liquid infectious substances in primary receptacles not exceeding 50 mL (1.7 oz.).

(7) Class 7 radioactive material in Type A, IP-2, IP-3, Type B(U), or Type B(M) packages.

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