49 CFR § 178.700 - Purpose, scope and definitions.

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§ 178.700 Purpose, scope and definitions.

(a) This subpart prescribes requirements applying to IBCs intended for the transportation of hazardous materials. Standards for these packagings are based on the UN Recommendations.

(b) Terms used in this subpart are defined in § 171.8 of this subchapter and in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) The following definitions pertain to the IBC standards in this subpart.

(1) Body means the receptacle proper (including openings and their closures, but not including service equipment) that has a volumetric capacity of not more than 3 cubic meters (3,000 L, 793 gallons, or 106 cubic feet).

(2) Service equipment means filling and discharge, pressure relief, safety, heating and heat-insulating devices and measuring instruments.

(3) Structural equipment means the reinforcing, fastening, handling, protective or stabilizing members of the body or stacking load bearing structural members (such as metal cages).

(4) Maximum permissible gross mass means the mass of the body, its service equipment, structural equipment and the maximum net mass (see § 171.8 of this subchapter).

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