49 CFR § 192.803 - Definitions.

§ 192.803 Definitions.

Abnormal operating condition means a condition identified by the operator that may indicate a malfunction of a component or deviation from normal operations that may:

(a) Indicate a condition exceeding design limits; or

(b) Result in a hazard(s) to persons, property, or the environment.

Evaluation means a process, established and documented by the operator, to determine an individual's ability to perform a covered task by any of the following:

(a) Written examination;

(b) Oral examination;

(c) Work performance history review;

(d) Observation during:

(1) Performance on the job,

(2) On the job training, or

(3) Simulations;

(e) Other forms of assessment.

Qualified means that an individual has been evaluated and can:

(a) Perform assigned covered tasks; and

(b) Recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions.

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