49 CFR § 192.947 - What records must an operator keep?

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§ 192.947 What records must an operator keep?

An operator must maintain, for the useful life of the pipeline, records that demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this subpart. At minimum, an operator must maintain the following records for review during an inspection.

(a) A written integrity management program in accordance with § 192.907;

(b) Documents supporting the threat identification and risk assessment in accordance with § 192.917;

(c) A written baseline assessment plan in accordance with § 192.919;

(d) Documents to support any decision, analysis and process developed and used to implement and evaluate each element of the baseline assessment plan and integrity management program. Documents include those developed and used in support of any identification, calculation, amendment, modification, justification, deviation and determination made, and any action taken to implement and evaluate any of the program elements;

(e) Documents that demonstrate personnel have the required training, including a description of the training program, in accordance with § 192.915;

(f) Schedule required by § 192.933 that prioritizes the conditions found during an assessment for evaluation and remediation, including technical justifications for the schedule.

(g) Documents to carry out the requirements in §§ 192.923 through 192.929 for a direct assessment plan;

(h) Documents to carry out the requirements in § 192.931 for confirmatory direct assessment;

(i) Verification that an operator has provided any documentation or notification required by this subpart to be provided to OPS, and when applicable, a State authority with which OPS has an interstate agent agreement, and a State or local pipeline safety authority that regulates a covered pipeline segment within that State.

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