49 CFR § 195.262 - Pumping equipment.

§ 195.262 Pumping equipment.

(a) Adequate ventilation must be provided in pump station buildings to prevent the accumulation of hazardous vapors. Warning devices must be installed to warn of the presence of hazardous vapors in the pumping station building.

(b) The following must be provided in each pump station:

(1) Safety devices that prevent overpressuring of pumping equipment, including the auxiliary pumping equipment within the pumping station.

(2) A device for the emergency shutdown of each pumping station.

(3) If power is necessary to actuate the safety devices, an auxiliary power supply.

(c) Each safety device must be tested under conditions approximating actual operations and found to function properly before the pumping station may be used.

(d) Except for offshore pipelines, pumping equipment must be installed on property that is under the control of the operator and at least 15.2 m (50 ft) from the boundary of the pump station.

(e) Adequate fire protection must be installed at each pump station. If the fire protection system installed requires the use of pumps, motive power must be provided for those pumps that is separate from the power that operates the station.

[Amdt. 195-22, 46 FR 38360, July 27, 1981, as amended by Amdt. 195-52, 59 FR 33397, June 28, 1994]

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