49 CFR § 195.260 - Valves: Location.

§ 195.260 Valves: Location.
Link to an amendment published at 87 FR 20987, Apr. 8, 2022.

A valve must be installed at each of the following locations:

(a) On the suction end and the discharge end of a pump station in a manner that permits isolation of the pump station equipment in the event of an emergency.

(b) On each line entering or leaving a breakout storage tank area in a manner that permits isolation of the tank area from other facilities.

(c) On each mainline at locations along the pipeline system that will minimize damage or pollution from accidental hazardous liquid discharge, as appropriate for the terrain in open country, for offshore areas, or for populated areas.

(d) On each lateral takeoff from a trunk line in a manner that permits shutting off the lateral without interrupting the flow in the trunk line.

(e) On each side of a water crossing that is more than 100 feet (30 meters) wide from high-water mark to high-water mark unless the Administrator finds in a particular case that valves are not justified.

(f) On each side of a reservoir holding water for human consumption.

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