49 CFR § 195.302 - General requirements.

§ 195.302 General requirements.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section and in § 195.305(b), no operator may operate a pipeline unless it has been pressure tested under this subpart without leakage. In addition, no operator may return to service a segment of pipeline that has been replaced, relocated, or otherwise changed until it has been pressure tested under this subpart without leakage.

(b) Except for pipelines converted under § 195.5, the following pipelines may be operated without pressure testing under this subpart:

(1) Any hazardous liquid pipeline whose maximum operating pressure is established under § 195.406(a)(5) that is -

(i) An interstate pipeline constructed before January 8, 1971;

(ii) An interstate offshore gathering line constructed before August 1, 1977;

(iii) An intrastate pipeline constructed before October 21, 1985; or

(iv) A low-stress pipeline constructed before August 11, 1994 that transports HVL.

(2) Any carbon dioxide pipeline constructed before July 12, 1991, that -

(i) Has its maximum operating pressure established under § 195.406(a)(5); or

(ii) Is located in a rural area as part of a production field distribution system.

(3) Any low-stress pipeline constructed before August 11, 1994 that does not transport HVL.

(4) Those portions of older hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipelines for which an operator has elected the risk-based alternative under § 195.303 and which are not required to be tested based on the risk-based criteria.

(c) Except for pipelines that transport HVL onshore, low-stress pipelines, and pipelines covered under § 195.303, the following compliance deadlines apply to pipelines under paragraphs (b)(1) and (b)(2)(i) of this section that have not been pressure tested under this subpart:

(1) Before December 7, 1998, for each pipeline each operator shall -

(i) Plan and schedule testing according to this paragraph; or

(ii) Establish the pipeline's maximum operating pressure under § 195.406(a)(5).

(2) For pipelines scheduled for testing, each operator shall -

(i) Before December 7, 2000, pressure test -

(A) Each pipeline identified by name, symbol, or otherwise that existing records show contains more than 50 percent by mileage (length) of electric resistance welded pipe manufactured before 1970; and

(B) At least 50 percent of the mileage (length) of all other pipelines; and

(ii) Before December 7, 2003, pressure test the remainder of the pipeline mileage (length).

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