49 CFR § 228.411 - Training.

§ 228.411 Training.

(a) Individuals to be trained. Except as provided by paragraph (f) of this section, each railroad subject to this subpart shall provide training for its employees subject to this subpart, and the immediate supervisors of its employees subject to this subpart.

(b) Subjects to be covered. The training shall provide, at a minimum, information on the following subjects that is based on the most current available scientific and medical research literature:

(1) Physiological and human factors that affect fatigue, as well as strategies to reduce or mitigate the effects of fatigue;

(2) Opportunities for identification, diagnosis, and treatment of any medical condition that may affect alertness or fatigue, including sleep disorders;

(3) Alertness strategies, such as policies on napping, to address acute drowsiness and fatigue while an employee is on duty;

(4) Opportunities to obtain restful sleep at lodging facilities, including employee sleeping quarters provided by the railroad; and

(5) The effects of abrupt changes in rest cycles for employees.

(c) Timing of initial training. Initial training shall be provided to affected current employees not later than December 31, 2012, and to new employees subject to this subpart before the employee first works a schedule subject to analysis under this subpart, or not later than December 31, 2012, whichever occurs later.

(d) Timing of refresher training.

(1) At a minimum, refresher training shall be provided every three calendar years.

(2) Additional refresher training shall also be provided when significant changes are made to the railroad's fatigue mitigation plan or to the available fatigue mitigation tools applied to an employee's assignment or assignments at the location where he or she works.

(e) Records of training. A railroad shall maintain a record of each employee provided training in compliance with this section and shall retain these records for three years.

(f) Conditional exclusion. A railroad engaged in tourist, scenic, historic, or excursion rail passenger transportation, may be excluded from the requirements of this section, if its train employees subject to this rule are assigned to work only schedules wholly within the hours of 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. on the same calendar day that comply with the provisions of § 228.405, upon that railroad's submission to the Associate Administrator of a written declaration, signed by an officer of the railroad, indicating that the railroad meets the limitations established in this paragraph.