49 CFR Appendix C_to_part_173 - Procedure for Base-level Vibration Testing

Appendix C to Part 173 - Procedure for Base-level Vibration Testing

Base-level vibration testing shall be conducted as follows:

1. Three sample packagings, selected at random, must be filled and closed as for shipment. A non-hazardous material may be used in place of the hazardous material if it has essentially the same physical characteristics.

2. The three packages must be placed on a vibrating platform that has a vertical double-amplitude (peak-to-peak displacement) of one inch. The packages should be constrained horizontally to prevent them from falling off the platform, but must be left free to move vertically, bounce and rotate.

3. The test must be performed continuously for one hour at a frequency that causes each package to be raised from the vibrating platform to such a degree that a piece of material of approximately 1.6 mm (0.063 inch) thickness (such as steel strapping or paperboard) can be passed between the bottom of any package and the platform.

4. Immediately following the period of vibration, each package shall be removed from the platform, turned on its side and observed for any evidence of leakage.

5. Rupture or leakage from any of the packages constitutes failure of the test.

[Amdt. 173-224, 55 FR 52671, Dec. 21, 1990]