5 CFR § 532.511 - Environmental differentials.

§ 532.511 Environmental differentials.

(a) Entitlements to environmental differential pay.

(1) In accordance with section 5343(c)(4) of title 5, United States Code, an employee shall be paid an environmental differential when exposed to a working condition or hazard that falls within one of the categories approved by the Office of Personnel Management.

(2) Each installation or activity must evaluate its situations against the guidelines issued by the Office of Personnel Management to determine whether the local situation is covered by one or more of the defined categories.

(b) Amount of environmental differential payable.

(1) An employee entitled to an environmental differential shall be paid an amount equal to the percentage rate authorized by the Office of Personnel Management for the category in which the working condition or hazard falls, multiplied by the rate for the second step of WG-10 for the appropriated fund employees and NA-10 for the nonappropriated fund employees on the current regular non-supervisory wage schedule for the wage area for which the differential is payable, counting one-half cent and over as a whole cent.

(2) An employee entitled to an environmental differential on an actual exposure basis shall be paid a minimum of one hour's differential pay for the exposure. For exposure beyond one hour, the employee shall be paid in increments of one quarter hour for each 15 minutes or portion thereof in excess of 15 minutes. Entitlement begins with the first instance of exposure and ends one hour later, except that when exposure continues beyond the hour, it shall be considered ended at the end of the quarter hour in which exposure actually terminated.

(3) An employee entitled to an environmental differential on the basis of hours in a pay status shall be paid for all hours in a pay status on the day on which he/she is exposed to the situation.

(4) An employee may not be paid more than one environmental differential for a particular period of work.

(5) The payment of environmental differential pay is computed on the basis of the highest environmental differential rate authorized during the period of entitlement.

(6) The number of hours an employee is paid environmental differential shall not exceed the number of hours of duty performed by the employee on the day of exposure except as required by paragraph (b)(3) of this section.

(c) Basic pay. Environmental differential pay is part of basic pay and shall be used to compute premium pay (pay for overtime, holiday, or Sunday work), the amount from which retirement deductions are made, and the amount on which group life insurance is based. It is not part of basic pay for purposes of lump-sum annual leave payments and severance pay nor is its loss an adverse action.

(d) The schedule of environmental differentials is set out as appendix A to this subpart and is incorporated in and made a part of this section.

[46 FR 21344, Apr. 10, 1981, as amended at 49 FR 49841, Dec. 24, 1984; 55 FR 46180, Nov. 1, 1990]

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