5 CFR § 950.106 - Central Campaign Administrator (CCA).

(a) OPM may contract with one or more organizations classified by the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(3) organizations, to perform the centralized fiscal and administrative functions of the CFC. One organization will be responsible for developing and maintaining a centralized Web site for the CFC that will include an online application function for charities applying to participate in the CFC and an online pledging function for Federal donor use. All organizations will be responsible for disbursing funds received from the Federal payroll offices or service providers. If OPM contracts with more than one organization, the disbursement responsibilities will be divided between them based on Federal Shared Service Centers and Federal payroll offices. For example, if OPM contracts with four organizations, one would handle all agencies that use the National Finance Center as their Shared Service Center regardless of the location of the donor or the agency. Only non-CFC participating organizations may be selected as CCAs.

(b) In the event that there is no qualified CCA, no workplace solicitation of any Federal employee may be authorized and CFC payroll allotments would not be accepted or honored.

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