5 CFR § 9601.102 - Definitions.

§ 9601.102 Definitions.

The following definitions apply to this part:

(a) Employment.

(1) For purposes of this section, “employment” means any form of non-Federal employment, business relationship, or activity involving the provision of personal services by the employee, whether or not for compensation. It includes, but is not limited to, services as an officer, director, employee, agent, advisor, attorney, consultant, contractor, general partner, trustee, teacher, or speaker. It includes a writing when done under an arrangement with another person for production or publication of the written product.

(2) The definition of employment does not include participation in the activities of a nonprofit charitable, religious, professional, social, fraternal, educational, recreational, public service or civic organization, unless:

(i) The employee will receive compensation other than reimbursement of expenses; or

(ii) The organization's activities are devoted substantially to matters relating to the employee's official duties as defined in 5 CFR 2635.807(a)(2)(i)(B) through (E).

Note to paragraph (a):

There is a special approval requirement set out in both 18 U.S.C. 203(d) and 205(e), respectively, for certain representational activities otherwise covered by the conflict of interest restrictions on compensation and activities of employees in claims against and other matters affecting the Government. Thus, an employee who wishes to act as agent or attorney for, or otherwise represent his parents, spouse, child, or any person for whom, or any estate for which, he is serving as guardian, executor, administrator, trustee, or other personal fiduciary in such matters must obtain the approval required by law of the Government official responsible for the employee's appointment in addition to the regulatory approval of this section.

(b) Credit union-related entities.

(1) Credit union includes insured and non-insured credit unions as defined in Section 102(7) of the Federal Credit Union Act (the Act), 12 U.S.C. 1752(7).

(2) Credit union service organization as defined in § 741.222(a) of the NCUA Regulations, 12 CFR 741.222(a).

(3) Credit union trade groups include credit union trade organizations whose membership is comprised of credit union, CUSO, state credit union regulators, state credit union organizations, and officials and employees of such organizations.

(4) Other credit union-related entities may be defined pursuant to Agency Instruction.