50 CFR 229.8 - Publication of List of Fisheries.

§ 229.8 Publication of List of Fisheries.

(a) The Assistant Administrator will publish in the Federal Register a proposed revised List of Fisheries on or about July 1 of each year for the purpose of receiving public comment. Each year, on or about October 1, the Assistant Administrator will publish a final revised List of Fisheries, which will become effective January 1 of the next calendar year.

(b) The proposed and final revised List of Fisheries will:

(1) Categorize each commercial fishery based on the definitions of Category I, II, and III fisheries set forth in § 229.2; and

(2) List the marine mammals that have been incidentally injured or killed by commercial fishing operations and the estimated number of vessels or persons involved in each commercial fishery.

(c) The Assistant Administrator may publish a revised List of Fisheries at other times, after notification and opportunity for public comment.

(d) The revised final List of Fisheries will become effective no sooner than 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.

[ 60 FR 45100, Aug. 30, 1995, as amended at 64 FR 9087, Feb. 24, 1999]
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