50 CFR § 23.41 - What are the requirements for a bred-in-captivity certificate?

§ 23.41 What are the requirements for a bred-in-captivity certificate?

(a) Purpose. Article VII(5) of the Treaty grants an exemption to wildlife that is bred in captivity when a Management Authority issues a certificate.

(b) U.S. and foreign general provisions. The following provisions apply to the issuance and acceptance of a certificate for Appendix-I, -II, or -III wildlife that was bred in captivity:

(1) The certificate and any subsequent re-export certificate must show the source code as “C” for bred in captivity.

(2) For an Appendix-I specimen that satisfies the requirements of this section, no CITES import permit is required.

(c) U.S. application form. Complete Form 3-200-24, 3-200-80, or 3-200-85 and submit it to the U.S. Management Authority.

(d) Criteria. The criteria in this paragraph (d) apply to the issuance and acceptance of U.S. and foreign certificates. When applying for a U.S. certificate, you must provide sufficient information for us to find that your proposed activity meets all of the following criteria:

Criteria for a bred-in-captivity certificate Appendix of the
(1) The wildlife was bred in captivity. Yes Yes Yes 23.63
(2) The wildlife specimen was bred for noncommercial purposes or is part of a traveling exhibition. Yes n/a n/a 23.5
(3) The scientific name of the species is the standard nomenclature in the CITES Appendices or the references adopted by the CoP. Yes Yes Yes 23.23
(4) Live wildlife will be prepared and shipped so as to minimize risk of injury, damage to health, or cruel treatment of the specimen. Yes Yes Yes 23.23
[72 FR 48448, Aug. 23, 2007, as amended at 79 FR 30425, May 27, 2014]

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