50 CFR § 27.33 - Water skiing.

§ 27.33 Water skiing.

When water skiing is permitted upon national wildlife refuge waters, the public will be notified under the provisions of this subchapter C and the following requirements and limitations will apply:

(a) Water skiing is permitted only during daylight hours and during periods posted or otherwise designated under the provisions of this subchapter C.

(b) When a skier is in “tow” there must be two persons in the boat at all times, with one person not operating the boat, acting as an observer of the skier in tow.

(c) The direction of a tow boat when circling will be counter clockwise.

(d) Skiers must wear U.S. Coast Guard approved ski belts, life jackets or buoyant vests.

(e) Water skiing is prohibited within 300 feet of harbors, swimming beaches, and mooring areas, and within 100 feet of any designated swimming area.

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