50 CFR § 600.620 - Rules pertaining to the hearing.

§ 600.620 Rules pertaining to the hearing.

(a) The civil procedure rules of the NOAA currently set forth in 15 CFR part 904, subpart C (or as subsequently amended), apply to the proceeding after its commencement by service of notice (pursuant to § 600.615) and prior to the Secretary's decision (§ 600.625), except that the following sections will not apply:

(1) 15 CFR 904.201 (Definitions);

(2) 15 CFR 904.206(a)(1) (Duties and powers of Judge); and

(3) 15 CFR 904.272 (Administrative review of decision).

(b) Additional duties and powers of judge -

(1) Time periods. The administrative law judge is authorized to modify all time periods pertaining to the course of the hearing (under §§ 600.615 and 600.620) to expedite the proceedings, upon application and appropriate showing of need or emergency circumstances by a party.

(2) Intervention. Intervention by persons not parties is not allowed.

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