50 CFR § 622.430 - Management area.

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§ 622.430 Management area.

The management area is the EEZ around Puerto Rico bounded by rhumb lines connecting the following points and geographic instructions in order:

Table 1 to § 622.430

Point North lat. West long.
A (intersects with the international and EEZ boundary) 19°37′29″ 65°20′57″
B 18°25′46.3015″ 65°06′31.866″
From Point B proceed southerly along the 3-nautical mile territorial boundary of the St. Thomas and St. John island group to Point C
C 18°13′59.0606″ 65°05′33.058″
D 18°01′16.9636″ 64°57′38.817″
E 17°30′00.000″ 65°20′00.1716″
F 16°02′53.5812″ 65°20′00.1716″
From Point F proceed along the international and EEZ boundary southwesterly, then northerly, then easterly, and finally southerly to Point A
A (intersects with the International and EEZ boundary) 19°37′29″ 65°20′57″