50 CFR § 622.70 - Permits.

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§ 622.70 Permits.

See § 622.4 for information regarding general permit procedures including, but not limited to fees, duration, transfer, renewal, display, sanctions and denials, and replacement.

(a) Required permits - -(1) Allowable chemical. For an individual to take or possess fish or other marine organisms with an allowable chemical in a coral area, other than fish or other marine organisms that are landed in Florida, a Federal allowable chemical permit must have been issued to the individual. Such permit must be available when the permitted activity is being conducted and when such fish or other marine organisms are possessed, through landing ashore.

(2) Aquacultured live rock. For a person to take or possess aquacultured live rock in the Gulf EEZ, a Federal aquacultured live rock permit must have been issued for the specific harvest site. Such permit, or a copy, must be on board a vessel depositing or possessing material on an aquacultured live rock site or harvesting or possessing live rock from an aquacultured live rock site.

(3) Prohibited coral. A Federal permit may be issued to take or possess Gulf prohibited coral only as scientific research activity, exempted fishing, or exempted educational activity. See § 600.745 of this chapter for the procedures and limitations for such activities and fishing.

(4) Florida permits. Appropriate Florida permits and endorsements are required for the following activities, without regard to whether they involve activities in the EEZ or Florida's waters:

(i) Landing in Florida fish or other marine organisms taken with an allowable chemical in a coral area.

(ii) Landing allowable octocoral in Florida.

(iii) Landing live rock in Florida.

(b) Application.

(1) The applicant for a coral permit must be the individual who will be conducting the activity that requires the permit. In the case of a corporation or partnership that will be conducting live rock aquaculture activity, the applicant must be the principal shareholder or a general partner.

(2) An applicant must provide the following:

(i) Name, address, telephone number, and other identifying information of the applicant.

(ii) Name and address of any affiliated company, institution, or organization.

(iii) Information concerning vessels, harvesting gear/methods, or fishing areas, as specified on the application form.

(iv) Any other information that may be necessary for the issuance or administration of the permit.

(v) If applying for an aquacultured live rock permit, identification of each vessel that will be depositing material on or harvesting aquacultured live rock from the proposed aquacultured live rock site, specification of the port of landing of aquacultured live rock, and a site evaluation report prepared pursuant to generally accepted industry standards that -

(A) Provides accurate coordinates of the proposed harvesting site so that it can be located using LORAN or Global Positioning System equipment;

(B) Shows the site on a chart in sufficient detail to determine its size and allow for site inspection;

(C) Discusses possible hazards to safe navigation or hindrance to vessel traffic, traditional fishing operations, or other public access that may result from aquacultured live rock at the site;

(D) Describes the naturally occurring bottom habitat at the site; and

(E) Specifies the type and origin of material to be deposited on the site and how it will be distinguishable from the naturally occurring substrate.

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