50 CFR § 622.71 - Recordkeeping and reporting.

§ 622.71 Recordkeeping and reporting.

(a) Individuals with aquacultured live rock permits.

(1) A person with a Federal aquacultured live rock permit must report to the RA each deposition of material on a site. Such reports must be postmarked not later than 7 days after deposition and must contain the following information:

(i) Permit number of site and date of deposit.

(ii) Geological origin of material deposited.

(iii) Amount of material deposited.

(iv) Source of material deposited, that is, where obtained, if removed from another habitat, or from whom purchased.

(2) A person who takes aquacultured live rock must submit a report of harvest to the RA. Specific reporting requirements will be provided with the permit. This reporting requirement is waived for aquacultured live rock that is landed in Florida.

(b) [Reserved]