50 CFR Appendix B to Part 404, Approved VMS

Appendix B to Part 404 - Approved VMS
I. VMS Mobile Transceiver Unit
Thrane & Thrane Sailor 3026D Gold VMS

The Thrane & Thrane Sailor 3026D Gold VMS (TT-3026D) has been found to meet the minimum technical requirements for vessels issued permits to operate in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. The address for the Thrane & Thrane distributor contact is provided in this notice under the heading VMS Provider Address.

The TT-3026D Gold VMS features an integrated GPS/Inmarsat-C unit and a marine grade monitor with keyboard and integrated mouse. The unit is factory pre-configured for NMFS VMS operations (non-Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (non-GMDSS)). Satellite commissioning services are provided by Thrane & Thrane personnel.

Automatic GPS position reporting starts after transceiver installation and power activation onboard the vessel. The unit is an integrated transceiver/antenna/GPS design using a floating 10 to 32 VDC power supply. The unit is configured for automatic reduced position transmissions when the vessel is stationary (i.e., in port). It allows for port stays without power drain or power shut down. The unit restarts normal position transmission automatically when the vessel goes to sea.

The TT-3026D provides operation down to ±15 degree angles. The unit has the capability of two-way communications to send formatted forms and to receive e-mail and other messages. A configuration option is available to automatically send position reports to a private address, such as a fleet management company.

A vessel owner may purchase this system by contacting the entity identified in this notice under the heading “VMS Provider Address” The owner should identify himself or herself as a vessel owner issued a permit to operate in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument, so the transceiver set can be properly configured. To use the TT-3026D the vessel owner will need to establish an Inmarsat-C system use contract with an approved Inmarsat-C communications service provider. The owner will be required to complete the Inmarsat-C “Registration for Service Activation for Maritime Mobile Earth Station.” The owner should consult with Thrane & Thrane when completing this form.

Thrane & Thrane personnel will perform the following services before shipment: (1) Configure the transceiver according to OLE specifications for vessels issued permits to operate in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument; (2) download the predetermined NMFS position reporting and broadcast command identification numbers into the unit; (3) test the unit to ensure operation when installation has been completed on the vessel; and (4) forward the Inmarsat service provider and the transceiver identifying information to OLE.

II. Inmarsat-C Communications Providers

It is recommended, for vendor warranty and customer service purposes, that the vessel owner keep for his or her records and that Telenor and Xantic have on record the following identifying information: (1) Signed and dated receipts and contracts; (2) transceiver serial number; (3) Telenor or Xantic customer number, user name and password; (4) e-mail address of transceiver; (5) Inmarsat identification number; (6) owner name; (7) vessel name; (8) vessel documentation or registration number; and (9) mobile earth station license (FCC license).

The OLE will provide an installation and activation checklist that the vessel owner must follow. The vessel owner must sign a statement on the checklist certifying compliance with the installation procedures and return the checklist to OLE. Installation can be performed by an experienced crew or by an electronics specialist, and the installation cost is paid by the owner.

The owner may confirm the TT-3026D operation and communications service to ensure that position reports are automatically sent to and received by OLE before leaving on a trip under VMS. The OLE does not regard the vessel as meeting requirements until position reports are automatically received. For confirmation purposes, contact the NOAA Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement, 8484 Georgia Ave., Suite 415, Silver Spring, MD 20910, phone 888-219-9228, fax 301-427-0049.

Telenor Satellite Services

Inmarsat-C is a store-and-forward data messaging service. Inmarsat-C allows users to send and receive information virtually anywhere in the world, on land, at sea, and in the air. Inmarsat-C supports a wide variety of applications including Internet, e-mail, position and weather reporting, a free daily news service, and remote equipment monitoring and control. Mariners can use Inmarsat-C free of charge to send critical safety at sea messages as part of the U.S. Coast Guard's Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue system and of the NOAA Shipboard Environmental Acquisition System programs. Telenor Vessel Monitoring System Services is being sold through Thrane & Thrane, Inc. For the Thrane & Thrane and Telenor addresses, look inside this notice under the heading “VMS Provider Address”


Xantic is a provider of Vessel Monitoring Services to the maritime industry. By installing an approved OLE Inmarsat-C transceiver on the vessel, vessels can send and receive e-mail, to and from land, while the transceiver automatically sends vessel position reports to OLE, and is fully compliant with the International Coast Guard Search and Rescue Centers. Xantic Vessel Monitoring System Services are being sold through Thrane & Thrane, Inc. For the Thrane & Thrane and Xantic addresses, look in this notice under the heading “VMS Provider Address”

For Telenor and Xantic, Thrane & Thrane customer service supports the security and privacy of vessel accounts and messages with the following: (a) Password authentication for vessel owners or agents and for OLE to prevent unauthorized changes or inquiries; and (b) separation of private messages from OLE messages. (OLE requires VMS-related position reports, only.)

Billing is separated between accounts for the vessel owner and the OLE. VMS position reports and vessel-initiated messaging are paid for by the vessel owner. Messaging initiated from OLE operations center is paid for by NOAA.

Thrane & Thrane provides customer service for Telenor and Xantic users to support and establish two-way transmission of transceiver unit configuration commands between the transceiver and land-based control centers. This supports OLE's message needs and, optionally, the crew's private message needs.

The vessel owner can configure automatic position reports to be sent to a private address, such as to a fleet management company.

Vessel owners wishing to use Telenor or Xantic services will need to purchase an Inmarsat-C transceiver approved for vessels issued permits to operate in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. The owner will need to complete an Inmarsat-C system use contract with Telenor or Xantic, including a mobile earth station license (FCC requirement). The transceiver will need to be commissioned with Inmarsat according to Telenor or Xantic's instructions. The owner should refer to and follow the configuration, installation, and service activation procedures for the specific transceiver purchased.

III. VMS Provider Address

For TT-3026D, Telenor, or Xantic information, contact Ronald Lockerby, Marine Products, Thrane & Thrane, Inc., 509 Viking Drive, Suite K, L & M, Virginia Beach, VA 23452; voice: 757-463-9557; fax: 757-463-9581, e-mail: rdl@tt.dk.com; Web site: http://www.landseasystems.com.

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§ 668dd - National Wildlife Refuge System

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§ 1361 - Congressional findings and declaration of policy

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§ 1801 - Findings, purposes and policy

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Public Laws