6 CFR § 27.255 - Recordkeeping requirements.

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§ 27.255 Recordkeeping requirements.

(a) Except as provided in § 27.255(b), the covered facility must keep records of the activities as set out below for at least three years and make them available to the Department upon request. A covered facility must keep the following records:

(1) Training. For training, the date and location of each session, time of day and duration of session, a description of the training, the name and qualifications of the instructor, a clear, legible list of attendees to include the attendee signature, at least one other unique identifier of each attendee receiving the training, and the results of any evaluation or testing;

(2) Drills and exercises. For each drill or exercise, the date held, a description of the drill or exercise, a list of participants, a list of equipment (other than personal equipment) tested or employed in the exercise, the name(s) and qualifications of the exercise director, and any best practices or lessons learned, which may improve the Site Security Plan;

(3) Incidents and breaches of security. Date and time of occurrence, location within the facility, a description of the incident or breach, the identity of the individual to whom it was reported, and a description of the response;

(4) Maintenance, calibration, and testing of security equipment. The date and time, name and qualifications of the technician(s) doing the work, and the specific security equipment involved for each occurrence of maintenance, calibration, and testing;

(5) Security threats. Date and time of occurrence, how the threat was communicated, who received or identified the threat, a description of the threat, to whom it was reported, and a description of the response;

(6) Audits. For each audit of a covered facility's Site Security Plan (including each audit required under § 27.225(e)) or Security Vulnerability Assessment, a record of the audit, including the date of the audit, results of the audit, name(s) of the person(s) who conducted the audit, and a letter certified by the covered facility stating the date the audit was conducted; and

(7) Letters of Authorization and Approval. All Letters of Authorization and Approval from the Department, and documentation identifying the results of audits and inspections conducted pursuant to § 27.250.

(b) A covered facility must retain records of submitted Top-Screens, Security Vulnerability Assessments, Site Security Plans, and all related correspondence with the Department for at least six years and make them available to the Department upon request.

(c) To the extent necessary for security purposes, the Department may request that a covered facility make available records kept pursuant to other Federal programs or regulations.

(d) Records required by this section may be kept in electronic format. If kept in an electronic format, they must be protected against unauthorized access, deletion, destruction, amendment, and disclosure.

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